My Name Is Korbyn.

Korbyn Skye Newsom, in full. (Skye is my middle name- thus, Korbyn Skye Photography!) and here is a little about me and why I love taking photos.

I have been pursuing photography for almost two years now. It all started when I was young! I always had an artistic side and I dabbled around in painting, drawing, arts + crafts (you could always find me at arts + crafts at any given function as a kid) It wasn't until I was about 18 that my interest in photography peaked. My initial thought was "Everyone and their dog is a photographer right now- I don't want to do what they are doing and be a "follower". (I know... super hipster, right?) Well, then I thought... I'm not going to limit myself because of what others are doing. So, I took the plunge! Little did I know I would fall in love with the thrill and excitement of capturing real life moments. Seriously- how cool is it that I can take a rather fleeting moment and freeze it forever. Not only that, but I have complete control over what that photo looks like artistically? It's like painting and drawing and experiencing other people and moments all at the same time! I'm a bit of an extravert if you can't tell... so that feeling blew my mind! The feeling of experiencing and sharing my art with others and they actually like it! Or better yet- love it! To me, there is just no greater feeling. 


A little more about me|

Why did i choose weddings + couples?

It's easy... I love, LOVE! When you think of the times in your life that you felt the most alive//passionate//free//happy//vulnerable//careless//and basically like a kid on Christmas morning, it's most likely you felt this way because of LOVE. The power that love has just sweeps me off my feet and makes me daydream of all the most cheesy and romantic rom-com you can think of! (Might also be where my obsession with Ireland comes from- we will get to that later...) So, I would absolutely love to be the third wheel that captures YOUR love story so other people can gush over how cute you are! 


I am, on all levels, the biggest fan of The Office. I have seen every episode at least 10 times and will VERY likely quote it at least once during our session || Coffee is my love language || I am an ENFP || I try to enjoy life in the moment and be present || Wine is my friend || I'm also kind of a sucker for craft beer- particularly an IPA || I love music- almost all kinds. Indie folk being my favorite and country being my least favorite... (I know I'm an okie, but it's true...) || 100% a dog person || Neutral colors are my life || I'm about 50/50 on whether I like the beach or the mountains more- I love them both! || Traveling lights my soul on fire || I actually don't like wearing jewelry or putting on makeup... I wish I did. I admire the girls who do! || Lastly~ I don't like most fruit. I know, it's strange. I also wish I could change this.  


"I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I will hit someone with my car."

-Michael Scott

Dream Travel Destinations|

Ireland (My love for Ireland started when I first watched Leap Year. I loved it even more after I saw P.S. I Love You. I'm just a sucker for all that greenery!) + Iceland + Germany + Italy + Joshua Tree National Park + Oregon  

favorite destinations|

Vancouver, BC (specifically the nature- not so much the city) + Colorado - Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park + California - San Fran, San Diego 



Now that you know who I am, tell me who you are! Contact me or go check out the sessions I offer!